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Brosme 9.9 kg

One of the many reactions to the now semi-legendary Dogme 99 in Norway was this text. It is written by one of the founders of Trondheim's (and by default Norway's) larp-scene, Egil Moe. Egil first went larping in the english 'Labyrinthe' in 1982, 're-started' sometime around 1987, and became one of the four semi-deified organizers of Soria Moria in 1992. His text is published here as it was when he published it on Forum at

Even if Egil's text is a paraphrasing of the Dogme '99 and it has a 'light' almost humorous, and not a little ironic, tone, it still stands today as a simple expression of a style of larping and an attitude towards the medium that has prevailed in Trondheim ever since 1987 and to this very date.

Brosme 9,9 kg.

(Please excuse any strange formulations as a poor effort to translate this text from Norwegian, Egil.)

  1. It is Permitted to Create.
  2. It Must be Fun to Larp.
  3. All Characters are Essential Characters.
  4. The fewer pre-reveal situations about the Larp and its plan of action, before the Larp, the more interesting and exiting it will be to participate on that particular Larp.
  5. The Creators of the Larp Must be active in the Larp and Use the Participants Creativity to Change the Larp during its course to something better than intended.
  6. The Larp Must have action and progress.
  7. All inspiration must be taken advantage of to the maximum, and if possible to a paradoxal and humorous manner so that it will be fun to create a Larp.
  8. All accessories that can make the Larp better is Permitted.
  9. The Larp Must follow a storyline and have mechanics to enhance it.
    (Rape and violence can be educational for both victim and perpetrator when both is in understanding of what is happening, is informed of it happening, having accepted it to happen, and are able to discern it to be an act outside themselves and not within).
  10. Every participant of a Larp is Responsible for its outcome, not only for their own experience, but for the experience and adventure of all.

Beyond these simple rules i accept the Larp to be a tool of expressing and understanding a deeper view of my self so that I may come to see who and what I really am. On any Larp I promise that as both creator (arranger) and participant always to seek my true self and to become a better human being.

I promise to give praise to all that have contributed to such an experience, and to memorise it so that it for always will remind me of its purpose. "To give pleasant memories and warm feelings (nostalgia) for Larp as a way of expression".

I promise to behave the way i interpret my character, and to make sure that my co acctors understand that its my character i am expressing.

My first and foremost goal is to learn who I truly am.

I promise to be free of all expressions and characterisations that may sink the Larp into an expression of art.

The Brosme 9,9 kg wow.

I pledge to the The Brosme 9,9 kg wow because I wish all Larps to be educational and entertaining.

I want that every one should have the opportunity to be part of that creational process, and because i am convinced that we by using the source of inspiration in everyday life, it will increase the spread of Larp and make Larp more accessible for a larger group of people.

Egil Moe. (emailaddress omitted)